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The risk of sleeping babies in car seats

By on 31st May 2017

Parents are being warned of the dangers of letting their babies sleep in car seats after a study finds that more than a dozen children under two have suffocated after being left to nap in sitting devices. 


Many parents use sitting or carrying devices, such as car seats or swings as alternative sleeping environments, which could lead to potential injury or death.


Cases show that deaths occurred due to sitting in a car seat, found that babies had either suffocated or been strangled by the seat straps.

As a young child’s airways are still very soft, and babies lack the muscle strength to move or lift their neck, their airways can close as a result of the position they are sitting in, resulting in the baby suffocating.


Experts recommend babies are put to sleep on their back in a Moses basket or cot or if using a sling to ensure that the baby’s head is in the correct position at all times. Once they are old enough to roll, a baby can find their own sleeping position.

Cough medicine

By on 15th May 2017

With all of the recent coughs and cold we have been informed by a local paramedic that it is in fact

better and safer for your child to be given calpol or ibuprofen than cough medicine for a common cold.


Advice given was that cough medicine has no evidence of helping with coughs and colds and is full of sugar.

It is also advised to not give any over the counter cough medicines to children under the age of

6 as the risks can often out way the benefits.


What should we do when a child has a cough or cold?

Cough and colds are self-limiting conditions and will usually get better by themselves.

Simple measures such as ensuring your child has plenty to drink and gets enough rest will help.

Paracetamol or ibuprofen can also be used to reduce your child’s temperature.

For young babies, particularly those who are having difficulty feeding, nasal saline drops

are available to help thin and clear nasal secretions. If your child is over the age of one,

a warm drink of lemon and honey may help to ease a cough. If your child is not getting better

after five days, ask a health professional for advice.

Please see or for further information regarding cough medicines and coughs/colds

The Hunnies Easter Fete

By on 3rd April 2017

Join us:

Saturday 8th April

Hunny Bee, Paget Street, Kibworth



Cake sale, visit from the Easter Bunny, crafts, bouncy castle, face painting and much more! Family and friends welcome

The danger of grapes

By on 2nd March 2017

Grapes are the third most common cause of death among children who die in food-related choking incidents, and doctors say a lack of awareness among parents, carers and health professionals could be leaving young children at risk.

It is vital that you slice grapes before giving them to young children as finger foods. This includes older children as they sometimes are less likely to chew their foods properly. Grapes should always be cut by length so that they can pass more easily, never by width because they will still be big enough to cause choking.  For babies, you may wish to cut them by length again into quarters.




By on 17th February 2017


The time has come to proudly announce that after our recent inspection by Ofsted, The Hunny Bee Day nursery received an OUTSTANDING grading!! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the children and their parents for their support on the day and all year round. We are all extremely proud of the staff at the Hunny Bee as they have been finally recognised for all of their hard work and commitment towards the care and learning of the children of Kibworth and neighbouring villages.

New addition to the Hunny Nurseries Family

By on 8th September 2016

hive-logoFantastic news for the Hunny Nurseries, we have officially opened our new addition to the family:

Our purpose built nursery based in the heart of the Birstall community. We have a new team raring to educate and guide the children of Birstall. Situated on Hallam Fields Road and just a short journey from the main A6 route into Leicester, we offer TV surveillance, air conditioned rooms and a fully qualified team to offer your child the best building blocks for learning.

For more information visit our new Hunny Hive page.