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Hunny Hive, Kibworth

By on 22nd September 2018

About the Hunny Hive, Kibworth Nursery

The Hunny Hive, Kibworth has been opened to continue the successful service that the Hunny Bee Day Nursery has brought into the village and to work in partnership to provide extended services. The Hunny Hive supports the Hunny Bee by providing the before and after school and holiday club for the children and families within Kibworth. Make the Hunny Hive your number one Kibworth Nursery.

Where is the Hunny Hive?

The Hunny Hive can be found on Smeeton Road in Kibworth. For many people within the village they will recognise the building to be the old Kibworth Medical Centre.

Full facilities at the Hunny Hive

  • Baby Bee’s Room
  • Little Bee’s Room
  • Bumble Bee’s Room
  • Busy Bee’s Room
  • Dining Room/indoor physical room
  • The Hive (Before and after and holiday club)
  • Garden area with all weather grassed astroturf
  • Air conditioning
  • CCTV
  • Home cooking


Smeeton Road

How do I contact?

Please contact Mel or Gemma on: 0116 2793950 or fill out the form below: