Hunny Nurseries

Nurseries based in Leicestershire


By on 24th August 2016

11At the Hunny Nurseries we strive to promote healthy meals and snacks that are both balanced and nutritious. Children have access to drinking water via a water station and theses are located in all their rooms. All of our meals consist of breakfast, lunch, tea, a mid morning snack and a mid afternoon snack. These are based on a three week rota. We operate an summer and a winter menu to offer plenty of culinary dishes and choice.


  • To encourage children to understand the effect a healthy diet has on their well-being
  • To encourage children to choose healthy foods
  • To encourage children to keep hydrated during the day through the use of the drinking stations.
  • To provide a healthy lunch box for all outings the children take part in.


  • To provide opportunities for cooking
  • To provide opportunities to grow and harvest fruit and vegetables in our green house and veg tubs.
  • To encourage the children with serving and preparing all meals

Promoting Healthy Eating

  • Daily milk is provided for all children
  • Daily fruit and veg are also provided and we aim to achieve 4 servings per day
  • We monitor children’s snacks, meals and drinks.
  • We ask parents to send in a healthier alternative to chocolate and sweets to share with the class when celebrating a birthday

12We provide freshly cooked food each day from our team of highly skilled cooks. Food facts that represent our nursery are:

  • 90% of our menu items are produced from fresh quality ingredients each day.
  • Items like fish fingers & chicken Goujons are made from pieces of fish and chicken and have nothing else added other than bread crumbs
  • Because most food is produced from scratch we can ensure there are no additives or preservatives present and none of our products contain MSG or GM.
  • All our recipes for desserts are modified to reduce fat & sugar.
  • We aim to achieve 4 fruit or vegetables servings each day which is provided to the children through our healthy, nutritional and well balanced summer / winter menus both of which are followed over a four week plan.

We have an excellent food hygiene rating with a top score of 5.

Sample of our menus


Chicken &leek pie with puff pastry top Ratatouille lasagne Shepherds pie with sweet potato top mash Orange fish


Pork steamy stroganoff


Self-serve: Potatoes Self-serve: Garlic bread


Self serve: Mixed veg Self-served: Cous cous Self-served: Rice


Cucumber & carrot sticks




Potato & leek soup




Lamb tagine served with cous cous


Tuna rice bake


One pot honey chicken


Pasta Bolognese


Cheesy mac pasta


Cauliflower & broccoli soup




Cucumber & carrot sticks




Tomato soup