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Plant Safety

By on 14th January 2020

Indoor Dangers

Take a careful look around your home to make sure you don’t have any hanging plants or plants on top of furniture that your child might be able to reach. Pebbles in plant pots can be a Choking Hazard, and toddlers have been known to eat the soil from plant pots as well. The simplest solution is to move any plants up onto high up shelves or into a spare room and keep the door closed.

Common Dangers

Here are some of the more common plants and what they might cause if touched/eaten:

*Buttercups – they grow in many garden’s and we all remember how to hold them under each others chin to see who likes butter. But make sure they don’t get eaten as they will cause serious damage to the digestive system. Be careful handling them too, as enough of the sap rubbed into your skin will make it blister.

*Daffodils – given to Mums everywhere on Mother’s day, the pretty, yellow daffodils growing in your garden could cause diarrhoea, vomiting, and nausea when ingested. They have provided fatal in the past.

*Chrysanthemums – given as a bunch of flowers or grown as a plant, the leaves and stems of these can cause dermatitis.

*Daphne – a few berries from a Daphne plant can kill a child.

*Elderberry –Any part of the plant can cause a nasty tummy upset

*Foxgloves – Foxgloves have been grown in the English country garden for generations, and almost everyone knows that they are poisonous. They cause irregular heartbeats, as well as mental confusion and digestive upset. Foxgloves have also proved fatal.

*Hyacinth – the bulbs of these are easy to grow and often a starter project for budding gardeners was to grow a hyacinth bulb, but watch them closely, as the Hyacinth, just like the Daffodil can prove fatal, if eaten.