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The risk of sleeping babies in car seats

By on 31st May 2017

Parents are being warned of the dangers of letting their babies sleep in car seats after a study finds that more than a dozen children under two have suffocated after being left to nap in sitting devices. 


Many parents use sitting or carrying devices, such as car seats or swings as alternative sleeping environments, which could lead to potential injury or death.


Cases show that deaths occurred due to sitting in a car seat, found that babies had either suffocated or been strangled by the seat straps.

As a young child’s airways are still very soft, and babies lack the muscle strength to move or lift their neck, their airways can close as a result of the position they are sitting in, resulting in the baby suffocating.


Experts recommend babies are put to sleep on their back in a Moses basket or cot or if using a sling to ensure that the baby’s head is in the correct position at all times. Once they are old enough to roll, a baby can find their own sleeping position.